2020 Dodge Neon: What Features You Could Expect

FCA has a new sedan in its product range that competes with discretion and with a name known from many years ago. Here are some points to analyze the Dodge Neon 2020.

1. Compact at a subcompact price

The Dodge Neon has the particularity of being one of the cheapest economic sedans on the market. Because with a starting price of 265,400 pesos, 4.53 meters long is a lot of packaging for what you pay, which is rather a figure of a car shorter than segment B. Of course, there are sacrifices in return, but we will address that point later.

2. Italian origins

This Neon does not have much of Neon. It is a product of the convenient union of Fiat and Chrysler, because about the architecture that gives life to cars like the 500L. This result is a more conventional car made for segment C that marketed in hatchback, Station Wagon, and sedan bodies under the name of Fiat Tipo or Egea. Although it is the latter that is present in Mexico and is brought directly from the plant that the Italian-American group has in Turkey.

Dodge Neon 2020

3. Simple mechanics

So that a compact is so economical in its price, that as we have already said, it is more typical of a subcompact, it implies that certain aspects are not so elaborate and that is what happens with the engine options. The most accessible Neon (SE MT) uses a very simple and even unusual 1.4 of 95 horses that in Fiat is more than proven in its reliability, but its performance will not be the most comfortable and will ask for good use of its box six-speed manual

The most equipped (Sport and GT), which are already up 300,000 pesos, opt for a well-known 1.6-liter 110 horsepower that, by obligation, joins an automatic six-speed gearbox.

4. Good Space

With a simple body in its forms, high but still very maneuverable, the amplitude is the order of the day in both rows, a point in favor especially in the Neon SE, which rivals smaller cars. This combination of affordable cost, proven and economical mechanics and a good place for occupants, added to the huge 520 liter trunk, make the Neon even a good idea for those who require it as a work tool.

5. Depending on the version

In a market in which the most basic cars are improving their level, a few years are enough for something that previously fulfilled, now to be less competitive. In a way, that happens with the Neon’s safety equipment, because with numerous subcompact sedans offering six airbags and stability control, that a Dodge Neon SE or Sport limited to two airbags and ABS is insufficient.

The GT, of course, already has side curtain airbags, the ESP above and other additional assistance, a list of mandatory protection systems for 345,900 pesos, and that justify the extra over the 310,900 Sport.

Dodge Neon 2020

6. Better than expected

The European tuning of the Neon architecture, even with a basic and typical MacPherson scheme ahead, a torsional axle back and even drum brakes on the rear axle, are reflected in a more than worthy road behavior that can assimilate much more energetic engines. The weight at the end is not so high, and that helps it to stop without difficulties, while the set of springs and dampers provide a not so soft ride and a body control that transmits safety at high speeds on the highway, or at least, so It is for the standards of an economical cutting vehicle.

7. Few rivals

By price range, the list of competing sedans of the Dodge Neon 2020 is gigantic. Still, if we focus on its particular relationship of size and price, the only thing close is another car of an American brand and also uses the name of old glory. We talk about the Chevrolet Cavalier, another compact sedan of low cost with an economic engine and low power, in addition to the occasional limitation in equipment in exchange for its larger space.

Unlike the Neon, which is a low-cost European compact, the Cavalier is of Asian development and was conceived in the growing and strengthened Chinese division of General Motors.

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