Ram 1500 Rebel Concept Otg, A Perfect Pickup

Mopar, together with the main suppliers of outdoor equipment, developed the Ram 1500 Rebel Concept OTG, a self-sufficient pickup that has fields and mountains as its natural habitat. Starting from a Ram 1500 2020 diesel, this vehicle based on the robust capabilities of the Rebel version, improving off-road capability through the two-inch lift kit, Beadlock wheels, and 35-inch Goodyear tires.

To this, we must add Mopar conceptual accessories, such as a front fender with integrated winch, a larger grill, a led fog light, a led reserve light, a functional snorkel air intake to improve off-road capacity and performance, and a rear fender, adapted from the Ram 1500 Tradesman.

Ram 1500 Rebel Concept OTG

From the hand of these components, the pickup adopts a bed frame system with a tent on the roof, which can access through a folding ladder. There are a retractable refrigerator and a kitchen inside the platform unit with a gas stove and a sink with an on-board water system to improve the experience

The above complemented by an on-board air compressor and a set of solar panels, which can be implemented at any time to generate electricity. Also, the backup power supply eliminates the need for a gas generator, freeing upload capacity.

In case of poor viability at night driving, the Ram 1500 Rebel Concept OTG equipped with a 6000 lumens low beam headlights and a 8000 lumens white color high beam headlights on the front. To make the camps have light, it contains low beam h11 LED bulb lights for off-road driving back and forth in the pan.

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