10 Tips to Improve Your Daily Driving Safety

The SAR defines the word habit as a “special way of proceeding or conducting acquired by repetition of equal or similar acts, or originated by instinctive tendencies.” For a good percentage of the population, driving is a habit, a routine that you do every day and in which you don’t pay much attention. Rarely do you think about when the brake is going to set, it simply done in a very intuitive way?

But we must recognize that putting the ‘automatic mode‘ in driving is not a good idea. In this way, many details lost, and the danger of suffering any accident increases considerably. That is why we are going to review some habits that we should use on the wheel. In the beginning, it will require some time to think about it and apply it, but with practice, they will come out automatically.

Change your daily tour

Most people have a stipulated daily journey. Arrive from A to B in X time. But sometimes it is convenient to change that equation slightly. If the same route takes every day, it will become monotonous, and the attention paid will decrease. If, on the contrary, the route changed slightly, the brain will remain vigilant before the new route, and no detail of the road will be lost.

drive safely in daily

Watch the position of your hands

Always, it taught that you have to take the wheel by placing your hands at 10 and 2 (as if it marked 10:10). In this way, it took by the sides but in a fairly high position. Although lately, this way has been called into question, suggesting that the ideal position is with the hands more open and down, at 9 and 3. This result allows maneuvering in a more natural way and without releasing the hands of the steering wheel.

Drive as if you were carrying a limousine

An interesting exercise is to drive as if you were carrying a limousine. Imagine that your vehicle has dimensions and weight greater than reality and that the inertia should not notice inside. With some concentration, it is easy to drive more smoothly without sudden movements or maneuvers. It will also help to anticipate braking or turning, which in turn ensures that other potential hazards avoided.

Look ahead

About the above, we must always look a few meters ahead of where we are. When you go at a certain speed, you have to think about what is in front. That is why it is advisable to look even ahead of the vehicle that precedes us, something that will give our brain more reaction time, and that could save us from an accident.

Check tire pressure

We have already talked about the importance of

When we are driving, we must put all our senses into it and pay attention to everything. The rearview mirrors are great allies, allowing us to see what we have behind (and comes closer or closer to us). The first thing is

And one of the most important moments, and when the rearview mirror becomes a key is when it comes to overtaking. Car mirrors have a blind spot, and although many manufacturers have a warning, prevention is always better than cure. Before overtaking, make sure that the lane is clear no matter what the sensors say. And, of course, the flasher to signal the maneuvers.

drive safely in daily

May your neck does not guide your movements

As we said, it is convenient to monitor everything we have around. The tendency of some people is for their hands to move towards the direction of the neck. It is better to separate the movement of the neck and hands so that it does not give rise to dangerous situations.

Worry about the change (even in automatic)

Many users prefer a manual gearbox due to the higher level of interaction with the vehicle. In addition, there is another advantage: it is more difficult to get distracted if it is constantly changing. This result can also be extrapolated to automatic transmissions, as most have a sequential mode, either with the lever or with cams on the steering wheel.

Order on board

Although it seems that it does not have much to do with security, having an orderly and clean car of objects is of vital importance. In the event of an accident or a sharp deceleration, even a smartphone can become a projectile that can cause great years. Not to mention those heavier objects, which should be secured and well placed so that they cannot alter the balance of the car.

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