Tips to Spend Less Money on Gas

Each individual should have a reference gas station that knows the prices at which the liter sold. Once you have a reference gas station, we can enter the portal of the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Tourism, where the updated prices of the gas stations are published. And there are many mobile applications where you can check which is the cheapest in your area.

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Low-cost refueling

In this section is where the confusion is born, some people are not willing to refuel in this type of gas station that is generally quite cheaper. But there is a reality, all fuels in our country respond to a series of quality controls and treatments that strictly comply. The only difference between gas stations is the treatment they give the fuel in the form of additives to improve the properties, but in no case does this mean that the fuels lose any quality.

Plan the trip well

As we know, the service stations offer the consumer their discount cards; sometimes, they associated with some commercial area; that is, when they buy at this establishment, they give you discount coupons to refuel.

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Loyalty Cards

Another relationship marketing technique used by companies outside the gas station itself is these point cards, which consist of awarding a series of points for each refueling done, accumulating points to exchange for long-term fuel. In this section, you will find the Travel Club card, La Mutua, etc.

Use debit and credit cards

Sometimes the use in the payment is associated with a series of 3%-4% discounts on the cost. To know if you can perform this operation, check with your bank if they have an agreement with a service station.

In short, analyzing prices, planning a trip, having a loyalty and points card will make our pocket notice at the end of the month. It is better than our car or even knowing where the fuel you have refilled is because all gas stations go through quality controls and control.

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