How to Use Your Mobile Safely in the Car

The use of the mobile phone behind the wheel is one of the main causes of accidents today. Without a doubt, it is a distraction that seriously compromises security. However, technology continues to advance, and now we can count on connectivity systems such as Apple CarPlay or Android that make things easier for us because you can also use the mobile in the car safely and in a very beneficial way for the user. Here are some tips for responsible use that you can apply on your trips.

using mobile in the car

Use useful applications

Before getting behind the wheel, you always have to plan the route efficiently. Now there are a good number of applications that can help this task, as they take into account factors such as traffic, accidents, works, or weather incidents. In this way, you can plan an alternative itinerary to arrive earlier at the destination than with the shortest route and which a priori was faster. It’s a matter of

Most smartphones will run out of battery after a few hours using applications, with the location activated and with maximum brightness. It is always advisable to leave home with the fully charged mobile and disable function as Wi-Fi. The ‘saving mode’ also helps in this area.

Do not let go of the steering wheel

We return to the issue of distractions and accidents. There is still a significant percentage of people who use the mobile behind the wheel, mainly the youngest. It is a prohibited action that can lead to a fine and loss of points (in addition to exposing us to a possible accident). Luckily the smartphone can be used practically without releasing the hands of the steering wheel. Some tips in this section are the use of the voice assistant, which can carry out a good number of tasks, place the phone in an adapter so that we can see it, but there is no temptation to take it, and have the Bluetooth connected to receive or make calls.

using mobile in the car

Also, take care of the mobile

Smartphones are useful tools but also need some care so that they do not suffer damage. As we said in the previous point, it is advisable to get a good adapter so that it does not fall or suffer any blow. On the windshield, it will expose to the sun and high temperatures, so it is advisable to place it next to the air conditioning outlets to keep it refrigerated.

Common sense

Common sense is something that always has to accompany us on a trip. If it is completely necessary to use the mobile phone, it costs nothing to stop at a gas station or rest area to do it safely. Another strategy is to take advantage of the rest stops (which should be mandatory on a long trip) to also check the smartphone. And don’t forget that technology can be our ally, but as long as good use is made of it.

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