How do LED car headlights work?

Some high-power LED bulbs have arrived on the car lighting aftermarket in recent years. These kits can replace the HID xenon kits in a car. These car led kits are used in low beam or high beam headlight or fog lights. LED bulbs require a complicated reflector design as well as a cooling system. Because the heat did not from the side of the lighting factor but the back, this is a completely different design to typical car bulbs. They can’t cool by a stream of air flowing around the car while driving.

The led bulbs have the same base of the halogen bulb; it designed to fit perfectly into your headlights. The part of the bulb found in the reflector almost has the same dimensions as the original bulbs, so it won’t hinder its installation in the headlight by coming up against the reflectors.

LED car headlights
Cooling system

The rear part includes the part responsible for cooling the bulb. Led bulb kits equipped with passive heat sink, without the fan, so there is no operating noise and an absence of mechanical part, which allows high reliability of the product. The heat sink does not heat more than a light bulb. Besides, the dissipator is removable for ease of installation and also reversible for greater compactness in the headlight.

Power led module

The power module called the Led driver, this small box and equivalent to the ballast for a Xenon Kit. This box regulates the voltage for the supply of led chips. With an Ultra-compact design, it fits easily in the headlight of the vehicle, and it hardly heats up without any danger plastics or electrical harnesses.

Lighting: LED technology and its power

LED headlight bulbs gained a lot of power when lighting leaders such as Osram, Philips, and Cree marketed high power led chips for manufacturers. A LED chip of h11 led bulb with a size of a few millimeters being capable of producing alone power of 500Lm when a halogen bulb with its filament produces only a light beam of 1200 to 1500 lumens.

Many manufacturers have chosen Luxeon Zes chips manufactured by Lumileds, a subsidiary of the Philips group. These chips currently have one of the best light power, reliability, operating temperature ratios.

LED car headlights
Bulb holders

Some vehicles fitted with specific bulb holders, these bulb holders have the distinction of facilitating the installation and removal of the original bulb. In any case, it is more easily than the basic clip system. But this system requires a specific bulb holder adapter to be able to place the led bulb for its good maintenance in the headlight housing.

Doesn’t need a bulb holder

Some led conversion kit designed to fit on a large number of bulb holders.

The bulb is fully removable, allowing you to place a bulb holder adapter with excellent support for easy installation.

The LED bulbs are slightly larger than a conventional bulb, mainly due to the cooling system of the bulb.

Before installation, it is necessary to check the space available between the interior of the headlight cap and the most extreme part of your halogen bulb; you need at least a margin of 1cm.

It should also check that the heat sink can put in place without hindrance. That will not run into any obstacle.

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