How to Maintain the Tire in Cold Weather

There is little left for winter to begin, and as we well know, the cold is a bad companion to drive, so today we give you some tips on caring for tires on these dates.

The first thing you have to do is thoroughly check your tires, check that they are in good condition. It is a habit that we must have throughout the year, but in winter, it is necessary to emphasize, as the conditions of the asphalt change due to rain and snow.

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As you should know, you must apply the pressure indicated by the manufacturer, although in winter, higher pressure recommended because the low temperatures deflate the tires more easily. Unlike in summer, when the tires dilated by heat.

By law, the depth of the drawing of the tire must be greater than 1.6 millimeters for the vehicle to have adhesion. Still, in winter, it is recommended that the drawing of the band be at least 3 millimeters to improve the braking distance. Do not skimp on changing wheels.

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The chains

Carrying the chains means peace of mind, carrying them is not mandatory, but it is always convenient, as they ensure the grip of the tires in the snow.

In areas with extreme weather, it is normal to use this type of tire, which guarantees a grip higher than normal temperatures. They are not suitable for everyone, before undertaking the investment.

Its use is indicated for areas with temperatures up to 40 degrees in summer and 20 degrees below zero in winter. An example of them is the 24 hours of Toyota. This type of tire is more expensive than a “standard” one, but it is a long-term safety investment, especially when frosts get worse.

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