How to Save Fuel While Using the Air Conditioner in Summer

Summer is approaching, and we are already having the first days with overwhelming heat, with the thermometers marking temperatures above 30 degrees. In addition to problems with the air conditioner, there are also tricks to allow the air conditioner to cool properly without increasing fuel consumption, as well as to extend its life and allow it to start to fail at the most inappropriate and end the cabin turned into an oven.

And it is that air conditioning affects the consumption of the vehicle. While it is on, a compressor aspirates the refrigerant gas and passes it to a condenser, where it returns to a liquid state in a radiator to the expansion valve, where it passes back to gas and cools. After cooling the air, go through a fan through the vents of the dashboard aerators and start again.

All this process of removing the heat from the air through mechanical processes (sucking outside air or putting the interior to recirculate) wastes energy, which comes from the car’s engine, which must make more effort: in addition to moving the vehicle, the engine The compressor must run. This extra effort translates into an increase in consumption between 5 and 20% (a few tenths in consumption, although it varies depending on the type of car).

And yes, benefits are lost, but you will only notice it in cars with small engines and demanding a lot from the air conditioning. It is also true that some modern vehicles choose to disconnect the air conditioner if the pedal is depressed thoroughly so as not to compromise safety by demanding maximum power.

air conditioner

Before entering

It is obvious that the more we try to lower the temperature of the cabin, it will cost more energy (fuel in this case) to reach it. Therefore, use tips” to spend less fuel we already tell you that lowering the windows of the car makes aerodynamics worse. That will make the car spend more … but that aerodynamic loss is not too big if the speed is low. According to several studies, the critical moment is at 80-90 km / h (from there, the air entering “slows down” the car. Hence, in urban routes at a lower speed, you spend less fuel with the windows down than using bottom the air conditioner to cool the car.

Sometimes, when the heat is very high, lowering the windows is not enough to guarantee a comfortable temperature. But opening them will renew the hot air of the car, reducing the cabin a few degrees and making the compressor work less spending less fuel.

Have you used it in winter?

Like any component of the car, it comes into operation regularly is a guarantee that it works when needed. So do not hesitate to use it for actions such as defrosting the windows in winter. In addition to gaining security (it is much faster to gain visibility), you ensure that it does not spoil due to a lack of use.

Not force it

To avoid damaging the air conditioner, it is also vital to avoid working at full power. In this sense, remember the first two points to lower the temperature of the cabin before starting the road and, once underway, be rational with its use. Nor do you have to freeze. The ideal temperature inside the car should be around 22 degrees. Everything that goes below that temperature is an unnecessary fuel expense.

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