The Most Accessible Minivan: 2019 Dodge Grand Caravan

Although going out, it is worth analyzing what is the most accessible minivan in the new vehicle market. What do you have to offer?

1. Updated mechanics

The Grand Caravan is, in the end, the previous Chrysler Town & Country that already completes more than a decade in the market. Since 2017 it was introduced locally with the Dodge logo to be an alternative of entry minivan, but that does not mean that It is the same product. As it happened in its day with the Town & Country, the engine was updated to give way to the excellent V6 Pentastar of 3.6 liters, 283 horses and 260 foot-pounds. It can perform the road more than enough with or without cargo and well used by its six-speed automatic transmission.

2. All resolved

Something that many times do not take into account with vehicles that have been in the market for a long time is many quality problems that could arise throughout their commercial life have already solved, so a product that obtained. It has gradually improved and it would be very rare for it to fail at something critical.

3. The indispensable

So its starting price is 512,589 pesos in the version with SE equipment, which is actually sacrificed are more elements of comfort and not safety … or at least not the most indispensable, because there are seven airbags, control factory Stability, tire pressure monitoring, active headers or LATCH anchors for child seats.

What do you notice the years of the Grand Caravan? In that in the impact tests of the United States IIHS, it surpasses all the evaluations of frontal, lateral, resistance of the roof, or the mentioned headers. That except that of the blow overlapping to a small front surface, which is usually the most demanding and designed for more modern energy structure and absorption developments.

Dodge Grand Caravan

4. Still useful

It may be narrower about other minivans, but the Grand Caravan comfortably seats seven people with everything and luggage. Its system of folding and movement of seats to take advantage of the interior modularity is nothing complicated even when it is not such a new solution. That square and the functional figure is convenient for excellent visibility and to accommodate occupants of high stature in any of the plazas.

5. Enter the basics

It is necessary but not the most modern. The Grand Caravan hides its years neither in its design nor in certain details of equipment typical of its more contemporary rivals.

Some examples are the information and entertainment system that delegates to a touch screen with the typical and without a very advanced interface. The other is that there can be no LED lighting, even xenon headlight, there is also a parking assistant beyond the typical rear camera (from the SXT), although the SXT + add an alert for objects in the blind spot and cross traffic when reversing out of a parking lot.

6. Possible replacement

With the appearance and return of Voyager (name retaken from the discontinued Plymouth), Chrysler presented in the United States a more economical derivation of the Pacific that could cover, at least partially, the price range of the Grand Caravan, which at The date ranges from 512,589 to 608,900 pesos. This result is not officially confirmed, but it is still a possibility.

Dodge Grand Caravan

7. For little more

The competition is very close, and the main headache of the Dodge Grand Caravan SE is that a Toyota Sienna CE or a Kia Sedona LX, more modern in every way, is not that they are much more expensive. La Sienna, also with a replacement at the door, starts at 545,600 pesos. La Kia, in 552,900. If that difference is decisive for someone, we will not consider the American minivan a bad purchase. Still, in those values, ​​others can stretch without problems and obtain a more current product.

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