Some Bad Habits to Avoid Damaging Your Cars Clutch

One of the pieces that generate a large number of visits to the workshops to the owners of vehicles with the mechanical gearbox is the clutch or clutch. The clutch is the connection system between the engine and the gearbox, through the torque transmitted to each other. By this function, has the condition to wear out every time it used in the gearshift operation.

However, the wear or damage of this system is not only due to its daily use, but it can also be caused by bad habits when operating the pedal that allows its operation. Here are six recommendations that Impocali experts share, to avoid damage or the premature wear of clutch systems.

car’s clutch or clutch

  1. Avoid constantly putting your foot on the clutch pedal; this action causes premature wear of this system.
  2. Do not be overweight in your vehicle, as doing so will force the work of this piece and cause damage.
  3. Do not change from high to low gears in a single action; do it stepwise. It is not advisable to do it from fifth to second or first since a sharp deceleration generated that can cause the clutch disc to break.
  4. When starting, do not shriek the tires, besides, to wear them, the clutch also carried ahead.
  5. In case of detecting disc wear, proceed to change the complete kit to ensure the durability of the entire system.
  6. When you wait for the light to change at a traffic light, put the box in neutral and take your foot off the clutch pedal, to prevent its components from wearing harmlessly.

car’s clutch or clutch

If the clutch is damaged, keep in mind that a new clutch technology is already on the market that delivers greater smoothness, comfort, fuel economy, and ‘zero asbestos.’ This system is a new system of PHC Valeo, a French-Korean manufacturer that in Colombia is represented by Importadora Cali.

“The new G6 clutch technology consists of a press that makes the transfer of engine torque to the transmission smoother, with less noise and fuel economy; of a friction disk G6 made with asbestos-free materials and vibration and noise damping springs. And a bearing or bearing with self-adjusting characteristics, ”explains Edwin Erazo, technical support engineer.

This new clutch technology substantially improves the smoothness of both the pedal and the gearshift in manual transmissions, saves fuel by its characteristic of attenuating vibrations, and has no health effects thanks to the use of environmentally friendly materials.

The sixth-generation G6 friction material does not use asbestos, lead, or organic solvents, but composite materials and water as a solvent, which makes these discs environmentally friendly.

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