Tips to Make Your Car Last Longer

The acquisition of a car is considered one of the most important investments in our lives, for the economic value and for the service it offers. For many people, it is a work tool, and for others, where they spend unforgettable moments with their family. But taking into account that the car market depreciates rapidly, even reducing up to 30% when leaving the office, it is good to take certain precautions to keep your cars in the best possible condition.

Keep in mind:

Be sure to wash it periodically.

Dirt, salt, and other substances stuck on the surface of the paint can remove by washing it regularly, one to three times a month. Leaving dirt for long periods can cause stains, oxidation, and even corrosion in the paint. Also, be sure to wash the bottom of your car, as mud, dirt, and other substances can accumulate in these areas, especially if you live in places with extreme climates.

The best way to wash your car

Sudden changes in temperature damage the paint, wash it when it is cold, and completely avoid washing it in the sun, so there will be no watermarks. First, wet it well, use the appropriate soap, and use soft flannels to dry it.

car care

To remove bird waste

These wastes cause damage, especially in the paint lacquer. What you can do is wet the debris well for a few minutes and then remove them little by little with a wet cloth. You can also add some soap to make it easier and more effective.

Don’t forget the wax

Apart from the fact that your car will look new, the wax also serves as an additional layer of protection against corrosion, and substances usually stick in the paint layer. Read the instructions for use carefully, wash the car before, let it dry well, and start applying the wax in a shady place. Remember that before applying it, the car must be polished; For this case, because it is a more delicate action, we recommend you take it with a specialist.

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