Tips for Road Traveling on Vocation

Those decided to embark on the adventure of taking a road in their vehicle with their car lights, spend the holidays at the end of the year, surely prepared their car in the best way, to prevent a berth from making their vacations bitter.

However, it is important to take into account some factors that may affect the proper functioning of a car and that MAC Battery experts have detected. The following guide prepared by these experts has six interesting tips for traveling by road with the best energy during this end of the year.

Do not use the radio with the car engine off:

During the holidays, many mechanical setbacks occur, especially when precautions do not take when avoiding unnecessary energy expenditure. For example, the typical act of leaving the lights on overnight.

The car allows the battery to perform its regular charge and discharge cycles. So leaving the radio on with the car turned off causes the battery power to run out. The best thing when it comes to spending time inside the car while it’s off is to read a book, chat with the companions, or get off to enjoy the scenery.

tips for traveling by road

Try to park the car always under the shade:

Holidays, especially during Christmas, are synonymous with beach, breeze, and heat. Therefore, it is normal that while enjoying a good time in the pool or at sea, we forget the state of our car, especially if it parked in a place without apparent risk. However, what many drivers do not know, is that extreme heat can cause evaporation of the gasoline that is in the tank, to the point of generating a significant decrease in it.

Good advice, especially on hot ground, is to always park under the shade, as this will help save fuel.

Limit luggage on the roof:

A very Colombian custom when traveling by road is to place one of the suitcases and boxes on the roof of the car, due to the lack of space in the trunk. However, a very heavy load on the roof affects the center of gravity of the vehicle, so it can sometimes cause spinning or overturning.

A good recommendation, in addition to limiting the load on the roof, is to drive at a maximum speed of 100 km / h, so that lateral winds and sharp curves do not alter the stability of the vehicle.

Do not turn off the car with the radiator fan running:

On hot walks, not only fans of houses and hotels have more work; also – and above all – that of the cars themselves, since they fulfill the important mission of dissipating all the heat by directing the air on the surface of the engine.

Therefore, if the fan continues to operate when arriving at the indicated destination, it is best to wait for it to finish working. Otherwise, an increase in temperature will occur in the engine, because the water pump will stop and the water will stop circulating, causing serious consequences. It is therefore advisable to wait for the fan to stop and then turn off the car.

tips for traveling by road

Road kit “with all toys”:

Remember always to carry all the requirements to avoid being fined.

For dizziness, a bay leaf is the best remedy:

Although dizziness has nothing to do with the automotive or mechanical part of the car, it is an unwanted element and often even inevitable on any road trip. Therefore, it is best to take the necessary precautions to prevent it from doing its own.

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